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Thread: Toyota Avalon theft deterrent system (TDS)

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    Default Toyota Avalon theft deterrent system (TDS)

    I have a 99 Avalon. The TDS has this irritating habit of arming

    Here's the latest thing that happened:
    We were sitting in the car with 3 doors open, ignition off, keys were
    in my pocket. I heard a clicking sound, looked down, and the TDS
    button was flashing. I shut the driver's door and the system starting
    sounding the alarm.

    The system has armed itself twice before, both times when it had been
    locked by key and the remote had not been used.

    I described the latest situation to a Toyota service advisor and he
    didn't have any idea what was going on.

    Does anyone know what is happening here?


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    Default Toyota Avalon theft deterrent system (TDS)

    >You ask does anyone know what is happening here? I do. Your TDS
    >is not functioning properly. You need to take it to a dealer and
    >have the system analyzed and the fault corrected to eliminate the
    >If it was your intent to ask what IS causing the problem, who
    >could possibly know? We don't have you car in one of our shops
    >to do the analyzing. Anything else would only be conjecture on
    >the part of any respondents
    >mike hunt

    It rarely happens but I suppose it is untenable sometimes but I agree
    with Mike Hunt that you should have it taken in to be examined.

    Keep in mind that TDS is not by Toyota. This is an aftermarket system
    installed by The Southeast Distributors, owned by Jim Moran's family.
    They're known to be faulty. Everyone should beware to insist on
    Toyota's factory alarm system, know as VIP (Vehicle Intrusion

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