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Thread: 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

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    Default 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

    Our '95 four cylinder sedan was a great, trouble-free car for many
    years, until it developed a modest fuel leak. Little did we know how
    much of a problem this would be! First the dealer replaced the gas tank;
    the leak stopped, only to return a short time later. With no apologies
    or discount, the dealer then said it was a rusty fill pipe, and replaced
    that, with the same result: the leak stopped for a while, then returned.

    I'm sure that some of you have guessed what comes next. Next time
    around we were told that it was "probably" the evap vapor recovery
    canister leaking gas. The price for the part was so high - about $400
    for the part alone - that I went to to Ebay and got one for $100 from a
    reputable seller. The part *looked* authentic, and when installed the
    problem again went away, this time for about a year. Last month the leak
    started again, and the local shop said it was the canister O-rings, and
    replaced those. Yes, you guessed it, the problem came back again last
    week. The local shop said it was the canister leaking. The problem
    occurs either mainly or only after filling the tank completely,
    something we obviously try to avoid doing if possible. The only other
    clue I can offer is that the fuel gauge became inaccurate after the tank
    was replaced, and now reads a little high. This makes it harder to
    *almost* fill the tank.

    The car has 190k miles on it, but we hate to junk it, because both
    the engine and transmission are still tight and smooth, the body is
    still fine, and we had timing belt/water pump/CV joints/brakes done last
    Fall. The new brakes are the first ones the car has had that actually
    felt strong and smooth! The car still averages 30+ mpg per tank. So,
    does anyone have a a solution? I'm cross-posting this to the Volvo
    newsgroup because there are several clandestine Camry owners there. ;-)

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    Default 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

    Oh, and we haven't gotten a Check Engine light at all. Just gasoline fumes.

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    Default 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

    Can you tell exactly where it's leaking from? I've never worked on a
    Camry, but the Toyotas I've dealt with have been quite good overall.
    There's only so many places fuel can leak from, and it's usually not too
    hard to see where.
    Initially from the rear. After the fill pipe was replaced the leak
    next appeared under the left front of the car, roughly where the evap
    canister is buried in the engine compartment. I don't doubt that the gas
    is coming from the canister; what I suspect is that there is another
    underlying cause that isn't being addressed. The 'replace everything
    until it stops' approach of the dealer has been replaced by the 'just
    fix what's obviously wrong' approach of our local mechanic. My housemate
    thinks they somehow mis-installed the filler pipe and that is causing
    the canister to flood with gas. Maybe, I don't know...

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    Default 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

    Now for a dumb question - has it been 'over-filled' with fuel at any
    stage? Even once?
    That depends on how you define "overfilled." It's gone slightly past
    the pump auto shutoff, but not to the overflow point. That was before
    the first canister was replaced.

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    Default 1995 Toyota Camry Chronic Fuel Leakage

    Hello. I also have 1995 Toyota Camry with the same problem you described. Did you finally resolve the problem and if so, can you tell me what it was? Thank you.

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