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    > Instructing is opening so many different perspectives for me; that is,
    > seeing the experiences of my primary students 'through their eyes'. It
    > surprises me in so many ways. For instance, after performing side slips and

    Hi Cecil,

    I have read your web site with great interest and it was one of the
    many things
    that got me so determined and assured to start my PPL training last

    One more observation to add to your data point, when I got started, I
    it often impossible to duplicate what my CFI did. It felt like watching
    sports TV, and you think you see everything. When it is your turn, you
    do anything even close to what you saw.

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    Default Through the eyes of a student

    On Tue, 2 Jan 2007 4:10:17 +0000, Cecil Chapman wrote
    (in message <KWkmh.24945$QU1.8562@newssvr22.news.............>) :

    > 'roundout' portion... It is just curious how words/phrases that I may have
    > accepted as being very precise,,, when viewed under a different light give
    > the appearance of imprecision.

    When starting to pactice touch-and-goes, I messed up a couple of
    approaches despite being talked through each action by my

    The problem (as we came to realise) was that each time he said
    'Power back", I interpreted this as meaning I had the power setting
    too low and should put power back on.

    Had he said "Throttle back", I'd have done what he wanted.


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    Default Through the eyes of a student

    gwhitt@ix.netcom.com wrote:
    > Cecil,
    > The point at which I discovered that I was really building time, was as I
    > was leaving the airport I found myself straddleing the white line.
    > Gene Whitt

    LOL, I have had to explain that one the Police officer once.


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