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Thread: Movement area vs. non-movement area

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    Malcolm Teas
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    Default Movement area vs. non-movement area

    I fly out of a non-towered airport (JYO) that's near a large airport
    (Dulles). So, I listen to the Dulles traffic sometimes while on the
    ground and I've looked at the NOTAMs etc for Dulles too. Even flew
    into it once back in training.

    So, what's a movement area or non-movement area? I gather it has
    something to do with needing ground clearance, but didn't find
    anything in the AIM or FARs. (But, as has happened before, I may have
    been looking in the wrong places.)

    And, how do you get from a non-movement area to a movement area
    if you can't move?

    -Malcolm Teas

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    Robert M. Gary
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    Default Movement area vs. non-movement area

    Non-Movement just means you don't need taxi clearance to taxi around
    there. A lot of times the GA pad will be non-movement so you don't
    need a clearance to get to the wash rack etc.


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