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Thread: Skiing: Jenex Aero 100SR Review

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    Default Skiing: Jenex Aero 100SR Review

    I've tried my new Jenex Aero 100SR this past week. Although I was
    spoiled by the plush ride of the Aero 125, the 100 SR feels more ski
    like on smooth pavement. Also the speed reducer works much better on
    the 100 SR. It can bring the skier to a crawl on steep hill. Because
    the speed reducer when engaged doesn't "mush" into the tire like the
    Aero 125, it works better. There is also a confidence aspect in that
    the tire can't flat because of a microcellular tube. After two roller
    skis I've noticed there is some loss of tread already. I'll have to see
    how they fair over the summer. I don't expect them to have the wheel
    wear of the Marwe skate, or Aero 150, but they have a much better ride
    than the Marwe Skate, and better feel than the Aero 150. The Jenex Aero
    100SR is definetly a keeper.

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    Default Skiing: Jenex Aero 100SR Review

    Just a second vote on the 100SRs being keepers. I agree that they are
    much more sli-like than the other skates (150s and Eagle Rabbit) that
    I've tried. I've used them in wet weather - very stable, no slipping on
    downhill turns. I've found that all of the technical points that I am
    paying extra attention to are easier to do on the 100SRs.
    I am curious about wear but the jury is still out; I have about 150Km
    on them now. We'll see.

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