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Thread: How to drive to Roosevelt Island?

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    Peter T. Daniels
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    Default How to drive to Roosevelt Island?

    I visited Roosevelt Island for the first time. Wonder how
    cars get into the island? It's a nice island with a quiet
    and relaxed atmosphere. Do people who live in the Island
    have to buy groceries from the outside? I don't see any
    stores in the island.
    There's a bridge from Queens north of the Queensborough Bridge.

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    Default How to drive to Roosevelt Island?

    I was there in early March, arrived by Subway, crossed to the Eastern
    side of the Island, walked right to the Northern tip by the lighthouse,
    then back down the Western side. It was absolutly freezing, with snow
    on the ground, and the wind blowing in off the Atlantic.

    Just before I got back to the Subway station I found one shop, I think
    it's the only one, roughly in the centre of the island; I can't
    remember the name of it though.

    Excluding boat, swimming, hot air balloon and other such unlikely
    methods, there are three ways of getting to the Island:

    Subway 'F'line from Manhatten or Queens.

    Tramway (overhead cable car) from Manhatten at 60th Street.

    36th Avenue road bridge from Queens.

    I recommend 'The Other Islands of New York City', by Sharon Seitz and
    Stuart Miller, published by The Countryman Press. Now in its second
    edition,the ISBN is 0-88150-502-1. The price is $17.95.

    The book covers 42 of the smaller islands, of which I was able to visit
    8 while I was over from London this year.

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