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Thread: Weird Wyoming road sign

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    Scott Hughes
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    Default Weird Wyoming road sign

    Does anyone here live near NW Wyoming? On a highway in WY (I believe it
    was HWY 20 up around Yellowstone), there are signs with the letter L and
    three dots on them. One would have an upright L with the three dots, then
    the L would be upside down w/ the dots, then the L would be backwards and
    finally upside-down and backwards (repeating pattern). Does anyone know
    what these signs are for / mean? They were kinda like cryptic HWY mile-
    marker signs...


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    Default Weird Wyoming road sign

    I think it means, " If you can read this, I'm upside down! Please turn
    me over! " :-)

    Bruce Bing '03 LS

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    Default Weird Wyoming road sign

    Sounds like something made to be machine/computer-scanned?

    I remember my first trip to Canada. Right after the border there was a sign
    that said "Orbit, 2 minutes". Then in the first town their traffic light was
    flashing green, so I just pulled over and parked and went looking for a
    native to ask.

    ("Orbit" turned out to be a Sputnik-looking roadside trash container. The
    flashing green iirc meant traffic could go straight from either direction
    but not turn.)


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