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Thread: Hyundai Elantra coolant leak

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    Default Hyundai Elantra coolant leak

    Hi all....

    I'm having a weird coolant problem with my Mom's Elantra. I believe
    it's a 96 model.

    Over the past few weeks she had noticed the car overheating. I didn't
    have much time
    to work on the car so I just kept filling up the reservoir and the rad
    with fresh liquid
    until such time that I was able to spend some time on the problem.

    So I got into it last night. I briefly pressurized the system to about
    30 PSI (probably too
    much) and found a small leak on the output of the thermostat.
    I fixed it by replacing the original hose clamp with a garden hose
    clamp, thightened it
    and the leak was gone.

    So I topped up the rad and the reservoir with water and off I went for
    a test drive.
    The outside temp was about 70 degs at the time.
    Within about 5 minutes of driving, the temperature gauge sat in the
    center of the
    Another 5 or 10 minutes went by and both rad fans came on (stopped to
    doublecheck), which
    I found weird since my Saturn doesn't do that unless it's hot out and
    I'm stuck in stop and
    go traffic.
    The needle sat pretty much in the center except for a couple of
    occassions when it went
    a little higher, but then dropped again.

    When I got home, I let the car cool down and noticed it was missing
    about a quart of water.
    Oil appears to be fine, there is no coolant smell in the car when
    running the heater, and
    the car doesn't blow white smoke.

    Pressurized the system again but could not find any evidence of a leak

    One thing that I have noticed (not sure if related to the above
    problem) was that the
    engine ran a little rough when stopped. The SES light in on constantly
    except for a couple
    of times it would flash when stopped at a light. Again, I'm not sure
    if it is related.

    I will be getting a scan tool to check for errors in the next couple
    of nights but until then
    I'm confused as to where the coolant might have gone.

    Any ideas I should look into would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Hyundai Elantra coolant leak

    Bad news indeed.

    I don't think I'll bother with it then. The car isn't worth the
    trouble and/or the expense. Too bad because it ran quite nicely.

    Thanks for all the advice and pointers.


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