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Thread: 1992 Buick Park Avenue Crank Sensor location information needed

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    Joseph Oberlander
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    Default 1992 Buick Park Avenue Crank Sensor location information needed

    brentrobertson@...........m wrote:

    > Fellow Ladies and Gentlemen,
    > Can anyone tell me where the electrical connector is that connects to
    > the "crank sensor" to help me trouble shoot my current car problem?
    > Background: 92 Buick Park Ave - 3800 Motor
    > Problem: Just started a two days ago; otherwise a great running car!
    > Seems whenever I take the car to work now, at the end of the drive
    > 45miles all highway, when I slow down to the first stop sign or traffic
    > jam, the car goes poof (stalls; like one big miss) and won't restart in
    > neutral as I'm coasting down to the stop. Next. I pull over, place the
    > car in park and turn off the key. SOMETIMES the car will restart - MOST
    > TIMES the motor just turns over and acts like it "will not fire; or
    > flooded" leaving me in the "lonely side of the Detroit I-94
    > construction two-lanes only, stuck in the left lane and very dangerous"
    > stranded mode.

    The dying is the EGR/gas recovery system - it's clogged or dead.
    The not starting is likely the coil packs or the MAF.

    > I just replaced the manifold sensor from the computer code information
    > being returned. Two codes were returned the manifold sensor bad and the
    > crank sensor bad. RESET computer and now only the manifold sesnsor was
    > indicating still bad - so I replaced it.

    Good. Half the problem solved - they only last 50-75K at best, so
    the smart thing to do is replace the MAF when you replace the water
    pump and insepct the chain/timing gear.

    > I'm still having the same intermittent stalling problem seems after the
    > motor is warmed up. I was going to test the "crank sensor" by pulling
    > the plug on it (cleaning it from corrosion, and reseating it).

    EGR valve(or the equivalent). Pretty simple to fix, thankfully.

    Now, you do have a major gremlin looming - the timing gear. The
    engine's main cog is synthetic! Also the chains stretch and the
    end of the camshaft rotates on a little spring-loaded teflon
    assembly. It's usually the reason half of the Buicks are in
    the junkyard - the timing goes south and it won't run - at
    about 150K miles or 15 years or so.

    $400 fix to replace everything with steel and bearings
    if the cover isn't ground into by the failing spring assembly.
    Most people also replace the two sensors at the same time as
    well. With this "fix", the engine is good for easily 250K.

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    Default 1992 Buick Park Avenue Crank Sensor location information needed

    She's Fixxed!

    List of repairs needed:

    manifold sensor
    crank sensor
    harmonic balancer w/ rubber
    new ignition module

    Total Cost parts and labor: $850

    Well I'm back on the road - Buick Park Ave body milage is 243,000 /
    the actual motor milage is 180,000.

    I'm glad to hear I'm good to 400K! The car nolonger stalls after a long
    haul, when the motor revs down (like approaching a traffic jam), parks
    me on the side of the road for 20min (acting like no spark), until
    "something" reset's and the car starts firing again (starts up).

    Good luck to all other old 3800 motor folks who experience this type of
    motor response behavor. The guy in the shop said the "harmonic
    balancer" is one of the first things he looks (suspects) in older 3800
    motors not firing (besides the ignition module) in cases like this.

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