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Thread: Panama Excursions - Monkey Watch or Grand Tour

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    Default Panama Excursions - Monkey Watch or Grand Tour

    We're stopping in Colon on our cruise later this month. Only port were
    undecided on is Colon Panama. We generally avoid ships tours, but given
    some comments I've read and the fact that many of the sites are some
    distance away, we decided to pick a ship excursion. We'd like to see a
    little of the locks, but not spend all or most of our time there, and would
    like to see some rain forest & natural sights. These two tours from the
    Celebrity offerings look appealing. Has anyone taken these, or have other

    18 days until the Summit March 21 sailing.

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    Dory Samuels
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    Default Panama Excursions - Monkey Watch or Grand Tour

    On our cruise on the Horizon, we also stopped in Colon. We took the
    "Two Ocean Train Ride" offered by the ship. We enjoyed it very much.
    This won't give you a view of the locks however we would have had enough
    time to hire a car at the dock to take up there. We went there on a
    previous cruise. Less than a 1/2 hour ride. Our driver charged us
    something like $30.00 or $40.00 and gave us a guided tour along the way.
    He waited for us at the locks and told us to take all the time we
    wanted. We were lucky enough to see a ship going through the 1st lock.


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